A/V Production for show choir competitions

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Blue Sky Productions not only specializes but ENJOYS providing a/v support for show choir competitions. We understand that these events are often the culmination of months of hard work by students, directors, and parents, so we take our partnership seriously.

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Audio/Visual Production for Show Choir Competitions


We approach each show differently, working with the Directors to determine what equipment best supports their performance vision. Great audio, lighting, and video can enhance good performance and make it great. Best of all, it can attract a larger audience, bringing in more community and financial support to keep your school’s performing arts department operating smoothly.


What is Show Choir?

If you’re here, you probably already know that show choir is a type of competitive singing in which teams of singers perform choreographed songs. Like most school extra and co-curricular activities, students enjoy participating in the show choir and can gain personal satisfaction.


In competitions, students can also learn lessons of good sportsmanship and the chance to represent their school with pride. In addition, there are many benefits to participation or volunteering within your school’s musical organizations, including learning valuable skills like team building. And, of course – it’s FUN!

A/V Production’s Place in Show Choir

Audio/visual production is an integral part of show choir competitions. It can help to enhance the performance and make it more engaging for the audience. Several different types of equipment are used in audio/visual production, including standard items like microphones, speakers, PA systems, and stage lighting.

Blue Sky Productions likes to help schools upgrade the production value of their events.

What We Can Bring To Your Show

Outside of the essential equipment needed, we also provide the following:

  • Professional-grade lighting scenes that are custom programmed for your event. We use LED and moving light fixtures to bring color and motion to the stage performances, which has become a crowd favorite.
  • Tour Quality Sound like you would hear at your favorite concert venue or theater. Our line array speaker systems create equal volume and frequency coverage in any space. So wherever the audience is, they’ll hear a natural and transparent performance.
  • Live Video is one of our favorite features to bring to show choir productions. We have experienced camera operators that use HD cameras to get multiple angles of the choir and soloists. This footage can be shown live on projection screens or video monitors and streamed virtually. We will even deliver the recordings to you after the competition to use for promotional material or to study for next time.
  • Video Editing and Production is an excellent pairing with our live camera recordings. One of the ways Blue Sky separates itself from a lot of other live event production companies is through our in-house video services. Whether it’s polishing the live material we’ve recorded or creating new videos or graphics to show in between the schools’ performances. We help create content to keep your audience engaged, entertained, and in their seats. At your first consultation with us, we can start to discuss and conceptualize these creative elements to make your event distinct.
  • LED Video Walls are another great feature to combine with our live camera options. With the large, bright, full-color screens next to the stage, there are no bad seats in the auditorium.
  • Virtual Streaming has become a mainstay over the last few years, and Blue Sky has the experience to ensure you can meet that new standard. We use an industry-standard streaming platform that can be custom branded for your school or event. As a result, your attendance count doesn’t have to be limited by how many seats are in your venue.
  • Interactive and Creative Elements are often underutilized by show choir competitions. We can help you create custom activities and games, like trivia, to entertain your audience in between sets.
  • Sponsors Logos, Ads, and Commercials are another area that is often overlooked or not effectively employed. We can work with you and your sponsors to create eye-catching content. Which becomes another way to bring in revenue from local businesses and associations for your event.
  • Experienced Technicians and Crew are the final pieces of the puzzle. We have our in-house team of audio, lighting, and video technicians and stagehands. They will set up, operate, and tear down our a/v equipment and services. Your attention and energy can be on the many other moving parts that go into running a successful and exciting show choir competition.

More Than Just Equipment

We’ve listed many pieces of equipment and technology that can be purchased and set up by similar audio-visual production companies. However, the people who work here set Blue Sky Productions apart.


Our founder, Jerry Brown, set out to create a culture of friendly, helpful, and creative individuals that enjoy producing exciting and engaging experiences for the clients we partner with. In addition, he believes that most people can be trained in the more technical aspects of our industry. And that attitude and a growth mindset are the unique qualities to be on the lookout for when it comes to putting together a successful team

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